About Us

Direction Focus was founded in 1985 by Lynn Davidson. As a key executive involved with strategic planning at Getty Oil Company, he improved the quality of the company's strategy meetings and strategic planning process, and he helped strengthen the strategies being pursued. When Getty was acquired by Texaco, he elected to start Direction Focus to help other businesses benefit from successful strategy meetings and strategic planning processes.

People in every business have good ideas to improve growth and performance. Well-designed strategy meetings can bring out those good ideas and put them to effective use. There is often no need, and limited benefit, to rely on an outsider to come up with a magic formula to fix the business (though, an outside perspective is sometimes helpful in exposing traps and weaknesses in the current strategy).

We emphasize having successful strategy meetings and using a good strategy development process, rather than trying to serve up specific recommendations about strategy. However, we can provide useful ideas for better strategies if requested. We can also review the current strategy and provide recommendations to improve it.

All our recommendations and methods draw on more than thirty years of research on (1) effective growth strategies, (2) design and facilitation of successful strategy meetings and strategy development processes, and (3) successful decision making for complex, uncertain decisions.

Clients value our services because they lead to successful strategy meetings, better strategies, and better performance.

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