Build Business Growth

You can increase the growth of your business if you increase its growth power.
Growth power is driven by six conditions. Increase the level of these, and you increase the potential for growth:

Have a strong, compelling mission and vision.
Focus only on the best markets.
Provide significant, unique value in the best markets.
Build, use, and sustain superior capabilities.
Maintain well-focused, effective innovation.
Avoid distractions.

Assess the Growth Power of Your Business

Score your business from 0 to 10 for each condition below.
Score 10 if fully met. Give a zero if the condition is not met at all.

Add up your scores to get a total score.
Here’s what your total score implies for future growth:

0- 20 Survival doubtful.
21-30 Expect gradual decline.
31-45 Expect continuation of steady business.
46-60 You should be experiencing superb growth.

Ideas to improve your score are in this website. Or, just contact us.

Have a Strong, Compelling Mission and Vision

The mission: the purpose of the organization.

Increase growth power with a clear, energizing, and motivating mission. Vague, bland missions enervate and stifle growth.

The vision: your 3-5 year desired destiny in pursuit of the mission.

A good vision focuses attention properly and increases growth power. A bad vision focuses in the wrong direction or nowhere. Confusion reigns.

Craft a good vision. Its value is high. Doing so is challenging. Efforts can be easily derailed by bad assumptions.

Contact us for an assessment of your mission and vision.
Does your mission energize and drive your business?
Does your vision focus effort in the right direction?

Focus Only on the Best Markets

Marvin Metals generated adequate revenues selling metal baskets to bagel shops. Then, out of the blue, they got a call from a Boeing engineer. He wanted metal baskets for parts used in his factory. He was willing to pay five times the price paid by bagel shops. Marvin Metals shifted to the factory-parts market and quadrupled revenues.

A focus on the best markets creates payoffs like that.

Most businesses serve many markets, often too many.
Customers in some markets value what’s provided more highly than others do. Concentrate on those markets to increase growth power.

Contact us for more on how to identify and focus on the truly best markets.

Do you give first priority to your best markets?
Are scarce resources dissipated among mediocre markets?

Provide Significant, Unique Value

Growth power increases with the value you provide.
Provide unique, compelling value to customers in the right markets. The result will be superior growth.

Watch out for this: thinking you provide distinctive value when you do not. Avoid this trap. Honestly evaluate your value versus your competition.

A common problem: believe your customer’s are attracted by one thing when it’s really something else, something management is neglecting, something management thinks is unimportant. Avoid this trap, too. Learn what your customers really want that you can provide.

Contact us for a candid opinion on your value proposition.
Is your value proposition really good enough?
Have you confirmed your definition is correct?

Build, Use, and Sustain Superior Capabilities

Superior, unique capabilities enable a business to provide superior value. They also limit competition.
Identify, create, use, and sustain key capabilities to increase growth power.
Look carefully at any great company. You will see superb capabilities at work.

Do you have superior, unique capabilities in your business? If not, develop them to increase your growth power. If you have them, do you use them as effectively as possible? If not, increase their effective use to increase your growth power. Contact us for a candid assessment of your key capabilities.

Maintain Well-Focused, Effective Innovation

Raise growth power with well-focused, effective innovation.

Well focused: concentrated on what matters most.
Effective: fast and successful, at reasonable cost.

High growth-power companies excel at this kind of innovation.

Assess the quality of your product and process innovation.
Is it sufficiently focused and effective?
If not, get it there to increase your ability to grow.

Contact us for suggestions on innovation improvement.

Avoid Distractions

Stay focused on the drivers of growth.
Growth power increases greatly when you do so.

This is a significant challenge. It is too easy to …

These and other distractions diminish growth.

Increase growth power. Check for enervating distractions. Eliminate them.

Contact us for a candid assessment of the distraction level in your organization.


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