Effective Implementation

You'll be stuck on the path to progress, blocked by barriers as bad as the boulder above, without effective implementation. You can make a great decision, but without a good plan to implement the decision, nothing will happen

So, get the right people together, those responsible for making the decision succeed. Together, list the tasks that should be done to convert the decision into results. Set a target date and owner for each task. Look over the entire schedule. Make sure it is realistic and tasks are scheduled in the proper sequence. Be sure you have the resources needed to put the plan in motion. As you carry out the plan, have periodic milestone meetings to assess progress and adjust the plan.

The bedrock for implementation success is discipline. Distractions are a big challenge. Stay on track by scheduling enough time to do tasks in the plan and to do status updates. Of course, delays because of matters of higher priority are understandable and appropriate. But quite often, delays arise because we are diverted by less important matters. Scheduling helps control such diversions.

Effective Implementation Checklist

The following practices will help insure effective implementation:

  1. Recognize it may not be business as usual.
  2. Involve the right people and involve them early.
  3. Define clearly what needs to be done.
  4. Get enthusiastic buy-in and commitment.
  5. Sustain good, frequent communication.
  6. Set milestone targets.
  7. Set action plans to reach targets.
  8. Set ownership and date for each action.
  9. Hold progress monitoring meetings.

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