Our Services

We design, facilitate, and document successful strategy meetings for corporations and business units of corporations. We also provide design, facilitation, and documentation services for other types of strategy meetings, including the following:

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Example Client Engagements

Oil Company Exploration and Production Strategy Meeting

We designed and facilitated an exploration and production strategy meeting for a major oil company.

Result: exploration performance doubled, adding about $1 billion in present value to the Company in 2012 dollars.

Aluminum Company Business Strategy Meetings

A secondary aluminum producer division of a major aluminum manufacturer was mired in mediocre performance. We designed and facilitated a multi-meeting strategic planning process for them.

Results: significantly improved performance, including record-breaking increases in output, a quadrupling of cash flow, increased sales, and reduced costs of goods sold.

IT Strategy Meetings for a Real Estate and Resort Services Company

We helped a real estate and resort services company set its IT strategy and upgrade the company's information system, including design, specification, selection of appropriate hardware and software, installation, testing, and implementation.

Result: The upgrade performed well and greatly improved the company's customer service.

New-Product Development Process

The new-product development process of an irrigation equipment manufacturer was out of date and creating bottlenecks. We worked with their research and engineering team to improve the process and to train the team in use of the improved process.

Result: the rate and quality of new-product development improved significantly.

Improved Strategic Focus at a Chemical Company

One of our clients was following a strategy that chased too many opportunities. We worked with them to rate and prioritize the opportunities, then focus just on the best ones —an application of the 80-20 rule.

Result: Improved growth, performance, and pursuit of opportunities.

Improve Strategy Meeting Design at a System Software Company

We reviewed the strategic planning process used at a system software company. Our recommendations improved focus and team involvement in strategy development.

Result: A better strategy and better performance.
Sales doubled to over $200 million over the next six years.

Paint Manufacturer--A Better Strategy Development Process

A paint manufacturer had been using a planning process that was strictly top-down. A new CEO was brought in and asked us to provide an approach that involved the entire top -management team in creating and implementing a good strategic plan.

Result: The team set an excellent plan, put it into action effectively, and gained greatly improved performance.

Establish a Vision for the City of Avalon, California

We helped design and we facilitated a visioning process for the City of Avalon, a resort community on Catalina Island in California. The citizens defined where they wanted the City to be by 2020 and which features of the vision were most important.

Results: The citizens created a compelling vision that has framed all future key decisions about development of the city.

We have guided several environmental organizations, professional organizations, and museum societies in setting visions, priorities, and strategies. In every case, our services enabled the client organization to fulfill its purpose more effectively.

Executive Workshops and Coaching

We provide executive workshops on the following topics:

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