Better Decisions

Good decisions are good. Successful decisions are even better. A good decision is selection of a choice that has a high chance of achieving the desired result. A bad decision is selection of a choice that has a poor chance of achieving the desired result

Our Decision Making page tells you how to make good decisions. Check it out.

But a good decision is not enough. You've got to take action to actually carry out the choice you have made. You need to implement it.

When you make a good decision and implement that decision effectively, you get a successful decision. A little luck doesn't hurt either. The table below shows how the outcome changes with the quality of the decision and the effectiveness of the implementation: Notice that successful implementation of a bad decision is dangerous. Our Effective Implementation page provides ideas on how to achieve successful implementation.

Ingredients for a Good Decision

  1. Use a good decision frame.
  2. Analyze the decision situation properly.
  3. Gather information needed to assess choices.
  4. Identify and assess key assumptions.
  5. Avoid decision traps.
  6. Identify enough good-quality choices.
  7. Evaluate the choices properly.
  8. Select the best choice.

Ingredients for Effective Implementation

  1. Define clearly what needs to be done.
  2. Involve the right people and involve them early.
  3. Set ownership and date for each action.
  4. Sustain good, frequent communication.
  5. Set milestone targets and action plans to reach targets.
  6. Hold progress monitoring meetings.
  7. Recognize that it may not be business as usual.
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